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Why Job Applications Should Come with a "Mental Health Barometer"

Have you ever filled out a job application and thought, “This doesn’t capture even 1% of the madness inside my head!”? Yeah, me too.

Nowadays, job applications ask you about everything from your experience in managing a 12-person team in Antarctica to your familiarity with an obscure software used by exactly five people on the planet. But, one crucial thing they often forget? Your mental state while filling out the form.

Enter the "Mental Health Barometer"

Imagine a little sliding scale at the top of every job application, right next to your name. A sort of emotional status update:

  • "Feeling Zen 🧘‍♀️"

  • "Mild Panic... the coffee hasn’t kicked in ☕"

  • "Just watched the finale of my favorite show and I'm NOT okay 📺"

  • "I've filled out 57 of these today...send help! 😭"

The Reality Behind the Jest

On a more serious note, mental well-being is a significant component of one's overall health. Today’s job landscape is competitive, and oftentimes, incredibly taxing. Being asked for the umpteenth time about our "greatest strength" (spoiler alert: it's pretending to be sane during job interviews) can be a mentally exhausting affair.

Moreover, showcasing a little vulnerability can build genuine connections. Your prospective boss knows that behind that pristine resume is a human being who sometimes feels more like a Monday person and less like the enthusiastic, "passionate about spreadsheets" individual that most job applications require.

Breaking the Stigma

Yes, the "Mental Health Barometer" is a humorous concept, but it also brings attention to a real issue: the stigma around discussing mental health in professional spaces. It's 2023! We've come a long way, and it's high time workplaces recognize the importance of mental health, alongside evaluating an applicant's qualifications and skills.

In conclusion, let’s toast to a world where our potential employers know we're fabulous at Excel, but also that we might've cried during last night’s episode of that tear-jerker show. Because hey, we’re all human, and a little emotional transparency might just be the key to a happier, healthier workplace.

Stay sane, folks! Or at least, try to! 😉


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