My name is Yoni Hernandez, a Dominican American from Miami, Florida. I have over 15 years of experience working in Human Resources within several industries. In early 2021 I released a book titled "Tired to Hired" which quickly became one of Amazon's Best New Releases and also topped the Best Seller list for several weeks. Tired to Hired, is a how-to book that is meant to help those frustrated job seekers finally land that job they have been waiting for.


The job market is very competitive right now. Not only that but the average employer reads a resume in 7 seconds - that's a short time to make an impression. That's why I created Shenius. Shenius is meant to assist job seekers in every capacity of their job search without breaking their wallets in areas such as offering templates such as Thank you Letters and Resignation Notices,  1-on-1  coaching sessions, trainings, and sooo much more. #HowSheNius! 

My goal is to help you find your hidden strengths and illuminate them so that every potential employer may see just how amazing you are!

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